50th Anniversary Gala

Moments from the 50th Anniversary Gala 2018

Dear Center Friends and Family,

The feeling of Saturday evening remains deep within me – perhaps a little quieter now, focused on Monday morning steps, seeing the generosity of each of you carried to our students and their families with joy and gratitude – but nonetheless it is deeply running.

I cannot tell you how honored we were to have you with us for our 8th Annual Fall Gala – to bear witness to our 50th Anniversary celebration and rededicate ourselves to the journey with our students and families. I trust that their stories touched you and that their beauty radiated hope.

By measure of the overwhelming generosity that was shown that evening, I believe we are seeing the same vision.  Please know that once again, we surpassed our fundraising goal for the Gala and anchored this year’s annual fund for 5,000 students, just as Professor March’s gift will help to anchor the work of the next 50 years.

So, thank you. We all caught a glimpse of the real and lasting impact of your generosity in the faces, performances, words, and joy of our students who were with us on Saturday night. The part you might not experience so intimately is the impact of their continuing evolution on their peers – and our community – all of this flowing as a result of your support.

With trust and hope to see you all again soon,

Jordan Simmons

Artistic Director