Richmond Living Map Project

As a place-based organization, the Center has a 49-year history of well-established partnerships with neighborhood councils, other local youth-focused organizations and public health agencies that serve our students, as well as with other community and nonprofit organizations. These partnerships provide our students with substantive opportunities for project-based learning, community service and community connections. 

The 2014/15 “Mapping Richmond’s Renaissance” project, on which the proposed project builds, was specifically born out of the Healthy Richmond (HR) initiative (with 36 CBOs, the city of Richmond and thousands of Richmond citizens). HR is now in year seven (plus two years of planning prior - so nine years actually - during which time the Center’s Director was the co-chair and the Center was the administrative hub.) The current Healthy Richmond Economic Revitalization Action Team includes over 20 key public, private, CBO and dozens of resident partners who are working together on collective solutions to increase economic opportunity, development and investment. The Healthy Richmond “Changing the Narrative” Work Group is specifically focused on how to “change the narrative” of Richmond, and is deeply engaged in using the Living Map of Richmond project as one of its principle vehicles.

The Living Map of Richmond project is especially timely as it leverages the past nine years of efforts, and joins it with the availability of cutting edge interactive mapping technology. Also, Richmond is in the throes of huge population shifts spurred by ballooning housing prices in the Bay Area. As surrounding cities become unaffordable, Richmond is under tremendous pressure to balance this influx of new residents, with middle or higher incomes, while respecting the lower income residents who have called Richmond home for many years, and this element adds to the timeliness.

Last but not least, East Bay Center is celebrating its 50th anniversary in Richmond in 2018/19. Our intent is to present performances in late 2017 and throughout 2018 and link them to our milestone anniversary celebration, to assist us in raising the visibility of our work and our relationship to our community.

With support from the California Arts Council; funding from the Artists Activating Communities for commissioned piece by Howard Wiley for Ceasefire March 2018 premiere, to be performed at historic black churches in Richmond, MAP Fund, Irvine Foundation’s Exploring Engagement Fund, and Fleishhacker Family Foundation, as well as  commissioning/performance grant applications pending with UC Berkeley Richmond Community Partnership Fund, Creative Work Fund, and Hewlett 50 Arts Commission, East Bay Center will commission and produce at least10 site-related resident/artist collaborative works that lift up places of beauty, elevate self-identified issues of struggling neighborhoods, demystify streets where outsiders do not go and celebrate cultural/economic assets in the city of Richmond, CA. Artworks will be part of a “living” print and online map of public spaces throughout Richmond selected from 130 resident nominations.

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Ezra Bristow

Production Assistant