School Assemblies

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts offers an annual selection of assemblies for elementary and middle schools in the East Bay.
All interactive assemblies feature some of the Center’s top artists.


Deep Roots Wide World

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts signature assembly is 'Deep Roots, Wide World.' This is an interactive music and dance performance for elementary, middle, and high schools in West Contra Costa County featuring some of the Center's master artists in Mexican Son, West African Dance-Drumming, and American Jazz. 

Jazz Song

Explore the roots of Jazz in Richmond, CA in a performance that features some of the Center's master Jazz musicians and performers. Students will hear personal stories from the musicians about the evolution of Jazz in their community and iconic venues in Richmond that contributed to the growth of Jazz in American including Minnie Lue's, Tappers Inn, and Club Savoy.

Caminos por México

This assembly is a survey of the traditional sounds of Mexico. Acoustic strings, afro-rooted percussion and melodic voices blend to tell tales of majestic birds, amorous courtships, mischievous anthropomorphic groundhogs, iguanas and buzzards as well as maritime and overland travels. 

Bring an Assembly to Your School

Contact Andrea Landín, Director of School Partnerships, (510) 323-2494, to learn more about this unique experience and booking the assembly for your school. 

Andrea Landin

Director of School Partnerships