Piano Donations

Thank you for thinking of us! We receive offers for acoustic pianos on a weekly basis and have very limited space for instruments. This is the checklist we use when assessing piano donations. Please provide this information when you email us. THANK YOU!

Acoustic Piano Donation Checklist. Please include the following with your piano donation inquiry:
  1. Brand name (Steinway & Sons, Kawai, Yamaha, etc)
  2. Serial Number - the serial number may be under the lid, underneath the keys, printed on one of the legs. It varies from piano to piano. If you're not sure, Google "serial number" and the name of your piano for tips on where to look.
  3. Age of the piano (if you don't know the age, we can sometimes figure that out from the serial number).
  4. History of repairs/damages
  5. Known problems with the piano (sticky keys, broken parts, wiggly keys, broken strings, etc.)
  6. Photos of the piano exterior and interior (you will need to lift the lid and remove the cover to do this). 
  7. A short video clip of someone playing the piano so we can hear the sound and key action.