Young Artist Diploma Program

2014 diploma 6

The Young Artist Diploma Program is a six-year tuition-free course of study designed to provide students with a critical set of skills they will be able to use in college and beyond. Through the active creation of original music, film, theater, dance, and community projects, we seek to enable the student to discover their true gifts and unique paths. The deep interrelationship of performing arts skills is such that understanding one training approach is strengthened by guided experience in others. East Bay Center is a recognized national model of this integrated approach to performing arts training.

The Young Artist Diploma Program was developed as a four-year sequence, broken into two 2-year components. This enables the student to discover their own particular goals and gifts during the first two years in the Advancement Program, and then decide if they wish to continue their studies at the next level, the two-year Leadership Program which is more intensive and focused. The Diploma Program is tuition-free and covers 43 weeks of program instruction each year. When you add up the costs of private lessons, group classes, summer intensive training, ensemble rehearsals, performance opportunities, workshops, field trips, costumes, instruments, college and career counseling, recital fees, portfolio documentation (video, audio, photos), insurance, facility and administration cost, the average diploma student receives instruction worth approximately $8,000 each year. By the end of four years, a full graduate of the Young Artist Diploma Program completes as many as 2,000+ hours in year-round individual lessons and group classes, resident company participation, project learning, student mentoring projects, full-time five-week cross-cultural summer intensives, recitals, and public performances. For advanced 4th year students and Diploma graduates, there are possibilities for paid work-study and internships.

For this reason, as well as concern for providing the very best training practices and values, the Center takes very seriously our commitment to each student, and in turn, asks the student and family to consider carefully their participation and the time commitments required. For example, during each 12-month period Diploma parents or guardians are required to volunteer for a minimum of 15 hours, which might include serving as extra concert personnel, potlucks, field trip chaperones, administrative help, production and program support. Many parents contribute significantly more hours by becoming involved with the monthly Diploma Parents Advisory Group. 

Kwesi Anku

Associate Director: Student Development and Training