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The Young  Artist Diploma Program provides up to six-years of tuition-free study designed to give students a critical set of skills they will be able to use in college and beyond. Through the intensive study of music, filmmaking/digital media arts, theater, dance, as well as participation in our community’s civic life, the program challenges students to discover their individual gifts and build a vision of their direction in a complex world. The Young Artist Diploma Program is broken into three 2-year periods. Here is a brief overview:

Years 1 and 2: All Diploma students complete the first two summers of intensive 5 week breadth work and cross training in music, dance, theater, filmmaking and digital arts as well as a minimum of 6 hours of study per week during the rest of the academic year. 

Years 3 and 4: In consultation with staff and faculty, students are placed in continuing and accelerated courses according to their chosen discipline of study and commitment.  

Years 5 and 6: Students who have successfully completed four full years of programrequirements are guided to more advanced level training, college application preparation assistance, peer mentorship and leadership opportunities.  

Commitment: Diploma scholarships are valued at over $9,000 per year, and include 43 weeks of instruction, public performance opportunities, college readiness and youth leadership/social justice engagement support. This is an intensive program requiring year-round commitment with important breaks and balance for rest, education and family life.

Kwesi Anku

Associate Director: Student Development and Training