2019 Fall Gala

Dear Center Friends and Family,

On behalf of everyone here at the Center, I want to share my thanks for coming together with us on Saturday, for your generosity and for your commitment. For me, it was a replenishing night, marked by joy, clear-minded hope and the beauty of youth who have a community behind them; I sincerely hope it was the same for you.

We hope you enjoyed the stories and small conversations, as well as the performances by the faculty, students and alumni, as they shared brief glimpses of their passion and journey. We also hope that you were able to recognize some of the ways in which our work runs deeper than technical training, nourishing the resolve and agency that all youth require during their critical years of cognitive, social and emotional development.

To the many old friends who have been on this journey with us for some time, thank you for the real and lasting impact your support continues to have. And to the new friends who came to the Center – perhaps for the first time – soul-felt thanks for coming to see who we are and learn more about what we believe in. It was a gift to have each of you with us for such a special night.

With gratitude and hope of seeing you again soon,


Jordan Simmons

Artistic Director