Richmond Living Map Project

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts has a rich history of well-established partnerships with neighborhood councils, local youth-focused organizations, and public health agencies that serve our students, as well as other nonprofit organizations. Through project-based learning and community service, these partnerships provide our students with a wider context for the value of community connections and a deeper appreciation for their local, regional, and global impact. In the midst of celebrating 50 years of dedicated service to the youth and families of Richmond, the Center continues to re-imagine the way that visual and performing arts connect, inform, and empower our students to create positive social change.

The Richmond Living Map, or RMap, is a collaborative project that invites nonprofits, businesses, and citizens to help change the narrative of Richmond to reflect the resilience, potential, and promise of our community while uplifting places of beauty and cultural significance throughout the city. The sites on the map have been nominated by community members as places that hold special meaning, both for their lives and for the fabric of Richmond as a whole.

East Bay Center, in partnership with Healthy Richmond, has worked to bring the RMap to life by commissioning site-specific joint resident/artist works – ranging from intimate performances and discussions to citywide peace walks and festivals – to highlight specific locations on the RMap, uplift the voices and perspectives of Richmond residents, elevate self-identified issues of struggling neighborhoods, and increase the equity of social, cultural, and economic capital shared between the city, the organizations, and the people they represent.

The 2019 edition of the RMap is available, you can view an electronic version here: RMAP2019. If you have any questions or concerns about the RMap, please email

Click here if your business or organization is on the RMap and you would like to book a performance for an event.