I am an artist

Many of East Bay Center's faculty are also performing artists, who rely on performances and gigs for their livelihood, and have been hit hard by this crisis. How can you support their continued efforts to share their art and help the arts stay alive in our community? East Bay Center is asking for your support for our 65 faculty artists, who are rising to the challenge and reimagining what art education looks like. Our faculty artists are an inspiration to our students and our community. Please help us continue to support them.
We asked our faculty to share what it means to them to be an artist during this time. Below you can watch some of their responses and check out our social media to view even more.

Francis Kofi Akotuah
Kwaku Manu 
Dr. Hiyas Hila 
Valerie Troutt

Howard Wiley 

Jamar N. Welch 

Dr. Bryan Alvarez 
Andrea Landin

Dana Salzman

Chelsea Riley