Tutoring Program

East Bay Center offers tutoring and academic support for all active main site students. We are currently expanding our programming to include six tutors and are increasing our one-on-one tutoring sessions. Are you a student interested in academic support? Sign up here for your first tutoring session. 

Joel Calderon- Tutoring Coordinator 

Tutoring Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Physics

I am a UC Berkeley alum, class of 2020. In college, I studied Astrophysics and Music, and I am also a graduate of East Bay Center's Young Artist Diploma Program. After graduating high school, I worked as an intern at the Center, and now I am an academic support counselor. I offer tutoring in the subjects of Mathematics, English, Chemistry, and Physics. I am also a general college prep counselor, and can help with college applications, essay writing, and general advice about pursuing higher education. I am very much a visual learner, so maybe it makes sense that Geometry is one of my favorite academic subjects. I look forward to working with you!

Mitch Goldman- Tutoring Mathematics

I have been in the classroom since I was 5 years old - first as a student, then as a teacher, advisor, and coach. Although I started out teaching General Science and Physics in New York City, I spent most of my years teaching Mathematics at all levels:elementary school through community college, basic math through advanced calculus and statistics. 

I also launched two athletic programs, at the high school where I taught in New York, as well as the school in California where I taught for almost 29 years, coaching basketball and baseball and assisting with the soccer programs. 

I have given myself to a life of education, both teaching and learning, and look forward to sharing the experience with you. 

Aby Armendaris- Tutoring Math, Science, Writing, History, College and Career Prep

Hello! My name is Abigail “Aby” Armendaris, nice to meet you!  I am a Cal State East Bay Alumna from the Class of 2020 where I obtained a B.A. in Theater Arts with a Technology and Design concentration. I am an alumna of the East Bay Center’s Diploma Program, and a technician in their Production Department. I have worked in the classroom for 9+ years! For 6 years, I taught in dance, and in college/career classes at the East Bay Center, and I've worked as an Instructional Aide at Cal Prep, a 6-12 in Richmond, CA, for the other 3+ years. I love to work on Math problems, Science questions, English essays, History test, College and Career help and everything in between. I am always open to learning something new, so if it's not listed, don’t be afraid to ask about it! I look forward to working with you!

Corinna Espino

Director of Student Support Services