1. If I register my child late for a group class can he/she still enter the class?

Yes, with the instructors permission.

2. Can my child observe a class before committing to the class session?

Yes, you and your child can come to a selected class to observe with the permission of the instructor and after informing the registrar. 

3. What if my instructor is absent?

For group classes we will try our best to schedule a make-up lesson.  If we are unable to do so, you will be given a credit for the class missed. (not applicable for Diploma students.) If you are a private lesson student you will not be charged, and we will try our best to schedule a make-up lesson.

4. What is your policy about hanging out at the center?

Students should be present at the Center only on days that they are scheduled to take classes or are involved with Center related rehearsals and/or events.  Unless arrangements for special projects have been made with a staff, we have a “no hang out” policy.

5. Can I bring a friend to class?

We ask that only registered students be present in the classrooms and onsite when classes are in session unless a parent/guardian, or sibling over the age of 18 accompanies them.

6. What if my child has a problem with a student or instructor in one of his/her classes or programs?

We encourage effective and respectful communication between all Center community members.  If your child is experiencing difficulties in a class or program we ask that parents/guardians communicate their concerns in a forthright and timely way to staff so we can best support the student with his/her needs.

7. What happens if my child signs up for a class and it turns out that it is not the right match for my child?

It is important that all concerns pertaining to group classes and private lessons are communicated in a timely way, so we can support the needs of each student and their family.  The faculty and staff are always open to feedback.  If you need assistance communicating your concerns please call the Associate Director of Student Development and Training.

8. What do I do if I feel my child’s private lesson instructor is not the right match for my child?

First we encourage you to discuss your concerns with your child’s instructor.  All instructors are aware that they are not always the best match for every student and are open to feedback from parents pertaining to placement concerns.  If you are not comfortable discussing your concerns with the instructor, we advise you to call staff.  Once initial discussion with your child’s instructor has been established, Center staff will do their best to match your child with another private lesson instructor.We cannot guarantee that we will be able to switch a student’s instructor immediately, but we will do our best to facilitate a smooth and prompt transition.

9. What happens if my child applies for the Young Artist Diploma Program and is not accepted?

Under the recommendation of staff, a student may be asked to wait before entering into the Diploma Program to gain additional experience and training in the area of his/her artistic focus.  We will recommend that the student take selected Center classes to better prepare for his/her involvement with the Diploma Program so he/she can have a more successful experience.

10. How long does it take to get placed for private lessons?

It can take one day to two weeks to place a student with a teacher. We will do our best to hasten the process, however we ask for your patience to assure that your student is matched with the appropriate teacher. If space is not available the student will be placed on a waiting list. Please see our private lessons page for additional information.

11. Do you have financial aide available?

Yes, we have limited financial aide available.  We ask that families observe the deadline dates in order to be eligible for your desired session.  Financial aide that is granted in the Fall session will expire at the end of the Spring Session for group classes and will end on September 30th for private lessons.

12. What if I apply for financial aide in the Spring?

Financial aide that is granted in the Spring will also expire at the end of the Spring.

13. What if I apply for financial aide in the Summer?

Since you will submit a current 1040 form (previous tax year), with your Summer financial aide application, you may use your Spring application to also be considered for the Fall.  However, you will need to provide current proof of income by the Fall financial aide deadline date.  The only exception would be if you did not submit a current 1040 in the Spring or if any information on your application has changed over the Summer.

14. Can I submit a registration form and reserve a place for my child even if I do not have the payment before the class begins? Are their any exceptions to this rule?

Registration forms will not be accepted without full payment.  We do accept Visa or Mastercard. The only exception to this rule would be if you have met with the Associate Director of Student Development and Training prior to registration about a payment arrangement or if you have a pending financial aide application submitted by the deadline date.

15. What if my check bounces?

Returned checks are subject to a $15.00 fee which will be added to your pending balance.