Fall 2021 Class Schedule

Online Fall 2021 Schedule
Monday, September 20 through Friday, December 10, 2021
Registration Opens Sept. 13
MONDAYS, Sept 20-Dec 6
Class Time Ages Instructor Class Format
Young Children Traditional Mexican Son** 4:00-4:45 5-7 Lolis Garcia Zoom
Intro to Strings Workshop (Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass) 4:00-5:00 11-18 Candace Sanderson Zoom
Intro to Children's Guitar 4:30-5:30 6-8 Javier Trujillo ** Recording/zoom bi-weekly Check in
Children's Traditional Mexican Son** 5:00-6:00 8-11 Lolis Garcia Zoom
Hone Your Craft: Acting Fundamentals 4:30-5:50 12-18 Tanya Callagher Zoom
Beginning Youth Guitar 5:30-6:30 9-11 Javier Trujillo ** Recording/zoom bi-weekly Check in
Combined Instrumental Ensemble (mixed instruments) *** 5:00-6:30 11-18 Candace Sanderson Zoom
Youth West African Dance 5:00-6:30 10-14 Betty Ladzekpo Recording/zoom bi-weekly Check in
Scene Study 6:45-8:00 12-18 Joe Orrach Zoom
Richmond Jazz Collective* 6:00-8:00 13-18 Howard Wiley & Jazz Faculty Zoom
West African Music & Dance Ensemble 6:30-8:00 14-Adult CK In Person
TUESDAYS, Sept 21-Dec 7
Class Time Ages Instructor Class Format
Beginning Ballet for Teens 4:30-6:00 12-18 Nikita Jew Zoom
Beginning Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello) 4:30-5:30 12-18 Alexandra Simpson Zoom
Beginning Steel Pan 4:30-5:30 11-18 Akwasi Abrefah Zoom
Beginning West African Drumming 4:30-5:30 12-18 Francis Akotuah Zoom
Voices of Reason* 5:00-7:00 12-18 Dana Salzman & Valerie Troutt Zoom/In person
Intermediate Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello) 5:45-6:45 12-18 Alexandra Simpson Zoom
Poetry Rhythm Performane Slam 4:30-5:30 12-18 Joe Orrach Zoom
Intermediate Steel Pan 4:30-5:30 12-18 Akwasi Abrefah Zoom
Beginning Samba Fusion Dance 6:00-7:00 12-18 Ezra Bristow Zoom/ Google Classroom
Iron Triangle Theater II* (Creating a New Work) 6:00-7:15 14-18 Jordan Simmons & Theater Faculty In Person
Intermediate Samba Fusion Dance 7:00-8:00 12-18 Ezra Bristow Zoom/ Google Classroom
Advanced Pan Ensemble: Richmond Bloco* 6:00-7:30 12-18 Joe Kelly In Person
WEDNESDAYS, Sept 22-Dec 8
Class Time Ages Instructor Class Format
Beginning Teen Guitar 4:30-5:30 12-14 Javier Trujillo ** Recording/zoom bi-weekly Check in
Intermediate Teen Guitar 5:30-6:30 12-16 Javier Trujillo ** Recording/zoom bi-weekly Check in
Histories of Dance and Appreciation 5:00-6:30 12-18 Linda Steele II Zoom
Directing Workshop 4:30-5:45 12-18 Norman Gee Zoom
Acting for Film and Stage 4:30-5:50 12-18 Tanya Callagher Zoom
Youth/Teen Capoeira 6:00-7:00 13-18 Mestre Calango Zoom
Jazz Workshop *** 5:00-6:30 12-18 Howard Wiley Zoom
Beginning Youth Hip-Hop 6:00-7:30 12-18 Deontae Watkins Zoom
Cello Quartet 6:30-7:30 12-18 Andrea Landin ** Zoom
THURSDAYS, Sept 23-Dec 9
Class Time Ages Instructor Class Format
Intermediate/Advanced Ballet*** 4:00-5:30 13-18 Miya Hisaka Zoom
Beginning Musicianship 4:30-5:30 12-18 Ryan Pate Zoom
Musical Theater 4:30-6:00 12-18 Eliza O'Malley Zoom
Intermediate Musicianship 5:30-6:30 12-18 Ryan Pate Zoom
Beginning Teen Hip-Hop 2 6:30-8:00 12-18 Jamar Welch Zoom
Intermediate Jarana 6:00-7:00 12-18 Lolis Garcia Zoom
Iron Triangle Theater I* (Nutcracker) 6:00-7:30 16-25 Joe Orrach & Theater Faculty In Person
FRIDAYS, Sept 24-Dec 10
Class Time Ages Instructor Class Format
Intermediate Youth Hip-Hop 4:30-6:00 12-18 Tarik Rollerson Zoom
Living Loud (Diploma students only) 4:00-5:30 11-18 Corinna Espino Zoom
Beginners Guide to Digital Music Production 4:30-6:00 12-18 Ryan Pate Zoom
Intermediate/Advanced West African Music & Drumming 4:30-6:00 12-18 Kwaku Manu Zoom
Atenteben Workshop (Ghanaian Bamboo Flute) 6:00-7:15 12-18 Kwaku Manu Zoom
Beginning Zapateado 5:00-6:00 12-18 Artemio Posadas/ Lolis Garcia** Zoom
Intermediate Zapateado 6:00-7:00 12-18 Artemio Posadas/ Lolis Garcia** Zoom
Intermediate Digital Music Production*** 6:00-7:30 12-18 Ryan Pate Zoom
SATURDAYS, Sept 25-Dec 4
Class Time Ages Instructor Class Format
Pre-Ballet 9:30-10:30 4-6 Nikita Jew Zoom
Beginning Brass (Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, French Horn) 10:00-11:00 12-18 Isaac Butler-Brown Zoom
Beginning Woodwinds (Flute, Clarinet, Sax) 10:00-11:00 8-11 Carolyn Walter Zoom
Iron Triangle Urban Ballet* 10:00-11:30 12-18 Miya Hisaka Zoom
Son de la Tierra* *** 10:00-12:00 14-18 Artemio Posadas/Lolis Garcia** In Person
Children’s Theater/Story Telling 10:30-12:00 8-12 Joe Orrach zoom
Children’s Beginning Ballet 10:45-11:45 7-9 Nikita Jew zoom
Intermediate Brass (Trumpet, trombone, Tuba, French Horn) 11:15-12:15 12-18 Isaac Butler-Brown Zoom
Intermediate Woodwinds (Flute, Clarinet, Sax) Level I 11:15-12:15 12-18 Carolyn Walter Zoom
Young Children’s Hip-Hop 12:00-1:00 4-6 Deontae Watkins Zoom
Children's Hip-Hop 1:15-2:15 7-9 Deontae Watkins Zoom
Youth Beginning Ballet 12:00-1:00 10-13 Nikita Jew Zoom
Richmond Chamber Ensemble* *** 12:30-2:00 14-18 Hiyas Hila, Candace Sanderson, and Janet Woodhams Zoom
Young Teen Hip-Hop 2:30-3:30 10-13 Deontae Watkins Zoom
Beginning Capoeira 2:30-3:30 9-12 Mestre Calango Zoom
Youth/Teen Capoeira 3:30-4:30 12-18 Mestre Calango Zoom
MON, TUE, WED,THUR, FRI SAT: 11 class sessions
SAT: 10 Class Sessions
The Center will be closed on the following day: No classes, lessons or rehearsals
Thanksgiving Monday, Nov 22 - Saturday, Nov 27, 2021
* Ensembles
** Bilingual Instructor
*** Two years of musical experience
All age recommendations are based on our experience and are to be used as a guide to finding the right level and
class. Students whose age falls outside the recommended range may enroll in the classes with the instructor’s
prior permission and a formal note to the registrar’s office. If you have any questions about our age appropriate
guidelines, please speak with the registrar and ask to consult with senior staff or faculty. Adult students are
warmly welcome at the Center.