Student Support Services

**Services are free of charge for all active students at East Bay Center. 

To sign up for one-on-one support contact Corinna, Director of Student Support Services. 

To connect to our COVID-19 Emergency Fund, please fill out this survey. 

The Center is here to support all of our students and families during this time.

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts developed Student Support Services to better engage our students and alumni, their families and our community in the Center’s primary mission. Student Support Services develops programs to help students fully integrate their arts training with living their lives to their fullest potential. We help guide them with professional problem-solving resources and referrals.

Seven students and teacher working together in a group, smile

Living Loud:

Every Friday from 4:00-5:30pm (Currently meeting remotely)

This group engages Young Artist Diploma Program students to develop their shared community through fun and safe activities, including mindfulness walks, yoga, drawing, meditation and more. Through storytelling, stress reduction, peer-support and an opportunity for students voices to be heard, participants are encouraged to “build the life you want to live, and live it loudly.” 

Student Leadership Council:

2nd Thursday of the month from 6:00-7:30pm (Currently meeting remotely)

This Young Artist Diploma Program group meets monthly to discuss creative ways to engage and uplift the Richmond community. Students build leadership skills with a foundation in civic engagement, and work to identify and provide solutions to common concerns/issues in their community. Leadership students develop individual agency and self-determination by participating in East Bay Center Board presentations, community advocacy events, fundraisers, and other enriching educational opportunities.

College Prep Program:

Mondays & Wednesdays from 10:30-11:50am

For college-bound students, we work in partnership with students to lower barriers to accessing a college education. This includes a mentoring program where we help research and identify schools, programs, grants, scholarships, and financial aid opportunities. The Center also helps with personal statements and preparing artistic documentation or other admission materials required by colleges. 

Tutoring Program:

Over 20 hours of tutoring offered every week! 

We currently offer one-on-one sessions as needed. Please visit our tutoring program page to see our current virtual tutoring offerings during COVID time. 

One-on-One Support Services:

Through individual coaching, mentoring, educating and emotional support we encourage our students’ growth in becoming great artists, students, family members and empowered members of their community.

Life Skills Coaching:

Life skills include communication, numeracy, leadership, writing skills as well as emotional self-regulation. Life skills are often taught in conjunction with one-on-one services, peer support and mentoring, as well as through the other groups listed above. 

Family Resources:

We work with Center families to empower them to navigate and connect to local resources. 


Mediation services include peer-to-peer and family mediations. 

Crisis Services:

Crisis services include interventions to provide immediate emotional and physical support until a crisis is managed or higher -level resources are engaged. Crises include homelessness, problems with the justice system, acute food scarcity, substance use intervention as well as child abuse, elder abuse, and domestic violence.

Corinna Espino

Director of Student Support Services